Volunteer Work

  • In our Volunteer Program, students can work as volunteers at no additional cost in Quito, in communities or projects outside the city only have to pay for lodging and $50 for administrative expenses.
  • If the volunteer does volunteer work in Quito, it is necessary to stay with an Ecuadorian family.
    • Families are carefully selected so that the student lives comfortably in a family environment, clean and safe.
    • The family environment is appropriate for the student to practice Spanish and learn our culture.
  • If the volunteer wants to work outside the city, the options are in rural communities in different regions of Ecuador.
  • We respect the privacy of the people who obtain benefits from our work, therefore, we do not publish the details of the volunteer projects on our website. Our projects support areas where there are needs that require the generous support of hands and hearts willing to dedicate time and effort.
  • If the volunteer works as an English teacher, it is important that the volunteer have a good level of oral and written Spanish so that they can transmit information and knowledge in a fluent and efficient manner.
  • For volunteers who wish to serve as English teachers or assistant teachers, we request participation in our program for a minimum of three months; In this way, we can guarantee the continuity of teaching to the community and that the teaching programs are not interrupted.
  • Considering that this program attracts many university students, universities can recognize university credits; therefore contact us and contact your university so that we can sign an agreement and complete all the procedures.
  • The volunteer program is in high demand, so we suggest that you register early, as spaces are limited.
  • This program is very popular because it is the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish.
  • When the volunteer is not Spanish students of our School you can benefit from the services of the volunteer program by paying a small registration fee.
  • Volunteer programs in Quito are usually in day care for poor children and community and environmental development in different regions of the country including Galapagos.

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