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  • Technological development day to day shortens distances and simplifies life, especially when it comes to communications and knowledge.
  • Don’t have the time or money to travel to Ecuador to learn Spanish? Then learn Online Spanish from the comfort of your own home with sessions from one of our acclaimed professors!
  • Learn Spanish after work or before school and make your time work for you. Online Spanish lessons give you the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your own time.
  • We offer Spanish online for students of all levels. Whether you are an advanced speaker wanting to perfect your skills or you are just beginning to learn the language, we will tailor your lessons to ensure that you are receiving the individualized attention that you deserve.
  • Internet services are ideal solution to learn a new language.
  • SPANISH ONLINE, before starting the course, offers you an hour at no cost to get to know the teacher, the methodology and see if you feel confortable.
  • The price for each class hour is $ 10.50 and the minimum course is 20 hours that you must cancel after your first contact with the teacher.
  • Payment is made by bank transfer to the school account or by sending money through Western Union.
  • If you study Spanish more than 20 hours and you will receive a discount of 5% and if you take more than 40 hours you will have a discount of 10%.

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