Group Classes

Learning Spanish in pre-assigned programs, on levels and schedules, is the easiest and cheapest way to learn Spanish and other languages. The success of this program relies in the methods that are used and in the professional experience and organization in planning of the institution.
Sharing with other students who share their passion for learning a new language, always generates positive results for the students.
Resources such as technology, literature and methods of teaching can guarantee a solid learning experience, which is fast, reliable and efficient. Where the student will feel pleased.
This program is thought for foreigners who live or stay in Ecuador during an extended period of time.
The Spanish programs are separated into levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and all of them sum up to 40 hours of class time. The classes are 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of teaching from Monday to Friday.
Classes are generally in the afternoons from: 5:30PM (17H30)
Each level is approved in 45 days.
If the student has knowledge about the language, they will have to take a placement test before registering in our programs, which determines the level on which they will continue their course.
Classes start every 15 days, permitting students who aren’t able to register in one of the course to take part in the next one.