Explorer Program

The Explorer Program is very popular, because its the easiest http://rting.org aloha tube and most practical way to learn in a fun way the Spanish language.

Through the Explorer Program, the students have the opportunity of getting to know and explores Ecuador, learning Spanish at the same time while they travel, as they will be in company of a teacher//instructor.

The student can choose the places that they would like to visit during their stay in our country, and the school will assign a teacher to accompany them during their journey, that way the student cant get to know Ecuador and learn Spanish.

Some of the wonderful places to visit are:

The marvelous Andes, with multicolored landscapes, and geographical accidents, never before seen, such as volcanoes, mountains, valles and snowy peaks, measuring up to 6,310 m above sea level. These giants are Chimborazo, Cayambe, Cotopaxi (Highest active volcano in the whole world). Several lakes and lagoons, and various ecosystems that hold one of the mayor biodiversity in the planet. Animal and plant lovers and enthusiasts visit Ecuador yearly just to appreciate the variety in birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and more.

The coastal region is another place to visit, where the Pacific Ocean maintains a http://rting.org aloha tube regular temperature of 24º-26º C all year long, where the Ecuadorian beaches are a perfect location to relax and bathe in the sun.

The Amazonian Rain forest is a home to several native and indigenous tribes which still rely on the Pacha Mama (Mother earth) for their survival. An experience that is filled with adrenaline, and unexpected encounters with all class of animals. plants and experiences.

The Galapagos Islands, are a jewel inside the Ecuadorian sea, home of endemic species and considered one of the most touristic places to visit.
The students can plan with their professors or the administration, the adventure, according to their time, budget and interest.

The program offers the opportunity to the student of having a full time teacher and learning experience during the trip, and the teaching schedule is 4 hour individual classes, and during the day and trip they will practice what has been learned during the classes. Making the trip a true learning and touristic experience, with outstanding results in the knowledge of the Spanish language.
The student will pay for 8 hours of Spanish classes plus all the expenses of them and their teacher, including accommodation and food. The transportation, and lodging, must be chosen by both parties before the Explorer Program begins.