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Equinox Spanish School

On November 17th Equinox Spanish School opened its doors to teach Spanish to foreigners. We are the oldest Spanish school in Quito and we have received students from different parts of the world including Switzerland, Germany, England, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway; also many students from Canada and the United States.


Why learn with us?


For more than 40 years our teachers have specialized and developed highly effective teaching techniques that allow us to guarantee that learning Spanish is an easy and enjoyable experience.

Dynamic classes

We strive to individualize the classes to the needs of our students with easy and highly understandable material; furthermore, we do this by providing a familiar environment so that students can learn Spanish quickly and easily while feeling at home.

the Spanish classes

The School recommends taking individual Spanish classes, so the teacher adapts to the student’s needs; students have different interests and motivations, and that’s why we believe that learning Spanish through private classes is the best for the student.

Private Spanish classes can be taken at school, at home, at the workplace, or virtually using the platforms developed for this purpose; we generally use Zoom or Skype.

We also offer group classes for university students. These face-to-face Spanish classes are always combined with excursions in and out of the city. Since 2004 we have worked with three universities in the United States.

We work with groups of travel agencies, especially in volunteer programs.

price & schedules

particular class

$10 x hour

* Groups Price: Depend on the credits and activities to be developed.

The Spanish class schedule is very flexible, the student can choose with the teacher the most convenient time to study Spanish.

We have so many teachers that there is always someone available to teach Spanish in person or virtually.

Our Sponsor

Our Spanish School is part of the Ecuador Volunteer Foundation, being a non-profit legal entity helps its volunteers to learn Spanish at very, very low prices and the Spanish School maintains those low prices for the general public.

The Ecuador Volunteer Foundation maintains social projects in daycare centers for children living in poverty and vulnerable children. We work with rural communities, supporting the conservation of the environment and its flora and fauna, especially in Galapagos.

If you would like more information about our volunteer programs you can access the website www.ecuadorvolunteer.org

To guarantee a space in the volunteer program, please contact the school directly.

hosting service

In order to make Spanish students feel comfortable during their stay in Quito, the school has created a network of host families that offer security, comfort, private accommodation with private bathroom, hot water, internet service, and laundry.

$25 x day

* Includes lodging, food, and laundry; and the internet is free of charge.

Contact Us

If you have any questions concerning our spanish classes or hosting services, please fill out the contact form below.


Quito – Ecuador

Tel: + 593 996 080 903

Email: info@ecuadorspanish.com